Heiko Seeberger

Software Consultant @ Independent

Heiko Seeberger loves rock climbing and is an internationally renowned expert on Scala, Akka and functional programming. He has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering, consulting and training and is an active open source contributor. Heiko works as an independent consultant and regularly shares his knowledge at conferences and user group meetings. He tweets as @hseeberger and sometimes blogs at heikoseeberger.rocks.

The Actor is dead, long live the Actor!

In late 2019 Akka 2.6 made the typed API – Akka Typed – the official main API for Akka. This means that now the recommended way to write Akka based programs has changed for all main modules. In this talk we discover the new approach to write actors, compare it to the classic one and above all explore how to use the new typed API of many main modules to build a real-world(ish) system. Be prepared for – less risky thanks to extended help from the compiler – live coding and live demos!