Jakub Kozłowski

Scala Developer @ Ocado Technology

A young Scala hAkker who spends his days writing code, running and lifting in the late evenings. In his free time, if he has any, Jakub explores his other interests, which include coffee, playing bass and watching outstanding TV series. He works at Ocado Technology, where he develops the software for the world’s most advanced warehouses, powered by functional programming and distributed systems.

Write yourself a CLI tool – no more bash

Ever wished you had utilities for day-to-day tasks in the shell, but didn’t want to write stringly-typed scripts?
Used a space in the wrong place in a conditional in bash?
Having problems learning the syntax of sed and awk? This talk is for you – learn how to structure a command line application in the language you know, which tools to use to build it, and how to make it run faster.