Maria Livia Chiorean

Software Developer @ Sky

I started with Scala almost 5 years ago when I was a graduate Software Developer. In the meantime, I’ve worked on journalistic tools, recommendation APIs, database migrations, and talked at events and conferences around Europe. Outside work, I draw, dance the tango and travel.

Local AWS in a Scala Environment

Scala, AWS and Docker – can they really work well together when developing locally? Are there any tools out there to make developers’ lives easier? In this talk I’ll introduce basic techniques that will help us tackle these questions and learn how to use SBT in our favour. We’ll cover topics like: writing an SBT plugin, using the sbt-docker-compose plugin, spinning up Docker containers in a Scala environment, learn how to use the LocalStack mocking framework to run AWS services. I’ll start easy, and step by step I’ll attempt to reduce down the startup of a service to a single command.